Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yumi Kim?

Reminds me of those 70s hawaiian floral dresses.

I'm slightly embarrassed to say I like's my 18 yr old beach rat side coming back out. Well...actually I'm wearing a yellow and white gingham dress with lace and frilly straps...anything goes...just depends on the day. I like candy, run on sentences... am always oogling at the damn clouds...and some commercials make me cry. BUT, I still wear combat boots in the summer :) Anyway, her prints are beautiful and I love the lines and construction of that fitted bodice. I found a cute black and teal flowy mini dress at the thrift store. I didn't recognize the label: hideous & metallic that read Yumi Kim. I was hoping it was 80s but knew it wasn't. After googling...I found her...she's a cutie!

Check her out
Yumi Kim | 2009