Saturday, November 6, 2010

JC's FOXY in Puerto Rico

Just got back from PR!
Jeffrey Campbell's FOXY (in caramel) was the star of my suitcase.
These remains from an unfortunately placed house, slightly unlevel, surrounded by slippery sharp rock...was the PERFECT place to put them on display! Shown with a vintage nautical bodysuit from tractordog

photos by my dear Scott Key

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts on Chictopia

I have neglected my blog because I've been SO enthralled with Chictopia. Honestly, an embarrassing amount of time spent browsing the most recent posts. I'm starting to question it a little. Such a popularity I guess everything is...kinda what trendy is in general. You are cool if you get the most comments. I'm running out of adjectives: beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous, killer, etc. And I've only been on there for a week. I need to give it a rest I guess. I always overdo it. When I find a new favorite food I burn myself out on creamed spinach. AND when people reply to EACH and every comment on their own blog...just to up their comment number. Seems like it would be much more genuine to look at that person's posts and find something you'd like to comment on. I'm not hating, just questioning...everyone on there is so friendly. I have been getting lots of great feedback and really appreciate it. Who doesn't enjoy photo comments!? It's a good way to rep my shop. Very inspiring and l love browsing by city and seeing the different trends. What do you think about Chictopia??

HERE is the result of my sewing project.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Featured artist: Brooke Reidt

My sewing project inspiration.

I revamped a 60s floral chiffon dress with a
Brooke Reidt tank top. Here is the result:

SOLD to San Jose, CA

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yumi Kim?

Reminds me of those 70s hawaiian floral dresses.

I'm slightly embarrassed to say I like's my 18 yr old beach rat side coming back out. Well...actually I'm wearing a yellow and white gingham dress with lace and frilly straps...anything goes...just depends on the day. I like candy, run on sentences... am always oogling at the damn clouds...and some commercials make me cry. BUT, I still wear combat boots in the summer :) Anyway, her prints are beautiful and I love the lines and construction of that fitted bodice. I found a cute black and teal flowy mini dress at the thrift store. I didn't recognize the label: hideous & metallic that read Yumi Kim. I was hoping it was 80s but knew it wasn't. After googling...I found her...she's a cutie!

Check her out
Yumi Kim | 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here's what's new in the shop!

I'm scouting for a new studio space...

Feck. Everything is cut off.
Anyway...check the shop! xo