Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts on Chictopia

I have neglected my blog because I've been SO enthralled with Chictopia. Honestly, an embarrassing amount of time spent browsing the most recent posts. I'm starting to question it a little. Such a popularity I guess everything is...kinda what trendy is in general. You are cool if you get the most comments. I'm running out of adjectives: beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous, killer, etc. And I've only been on there for a week. I need to give it a rest I guess. I always overdo it. When I find a new favorite food I burn myself out on creamed spinach. AND when people reply to EACH and every comment on their own blog...just to up their comment number. Seems like it would be much more genuine to look at that person's posts and find something you'd like to comment on. I'm not hating, just questioning...everyone on there is so friendly. I have been getting lots of great feedback and really appreciate it. Who doesn't enjoy photo comments!? It's a good way to rep my shop. Very inspiring and l love browsing by city and seeing the different trends. What do you think about Chictopia??

HERE is the result of my sewing project.


  1. hahahaha :)chictopia is very addictive :) and yes its somehow a popularity contest but somehow the system works.. I dont know how to explain it but you will see.. just keep dancing at the drums of your own beat :)

    I have just that I really feel bad that I cant reply to all the comments on chictopia and my personal blog..

    Im up to 3am and I want to do my DIY but cant find the time to do it!! thats why I havent been posting as much on chicopia because its a bit to much:( I will post tomorrow haha :)

    I love your chictopia posts so much :) and yes Im the same as you.. I overdo everything to! I mean if I find a new place for lunch I will eat only there every day lunch for like a month!!! lol :) :)

  2. i agree with cocorosa, very addictive. but also some cool and friendly folks who are worth meeting!

  3. aww i feel bad about the replying to every comment thing...Karl is SO nice!

  4. Oh tractor dog where art thou??!! looks like I have to stalk you at chictopia lol :) will go to chictopia as soon as Im finished with replying comments on my blog :)

  5. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. I have to capitalize it because that's exactly how I felt after a week. I didn't want to comment on my own post so I started commenting everyone back to let them know that I read their comments, but it takes so long...really does take the fun out of blogging.

    and yes I also agree about the whole popularity thing and I try to not think about it and just be true myself. I'm mostly there to just be inspired and share.

    I think I spend almost 2 hrs on there checking out the new photos and commenting people, but once in awhile I come across really cool people :)

  6. I left Chictopia because I didn't like being judged with points and ratings, and seeing people being judged for their figures or 'uncool'ness. I dunno, to me it just reminds me of highschool and the unnecessary popularity contest that overrates beauty.

    I like that you take inspiration from it and discover fashion all around the world. That's a good side of Chictopia, brings nationalities together!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I loove your shop - I was so drawn by the white wedding dress that I went to look for it and then was stumped to find out I couldn't afford it... I'd love a wedding dress like that, maybe I should get ready now :P

  7. I joined Chictopia in March n was quite hooked initially but after awhile, i have the same thought as Shini, i think wtf to be judged n get favored by others, its kinda too incentive based. I have spent less time there as i have just started my own blog!
    I absolutely adore ur store, love every single pieces. Pls feel free to visit my blog!! :D

  8. haha yeah chictopia is really like that. every outfit is amazing and AWESOME
    maybe you would like it more, when there would also be some criticism...`?i mean: how to make an outfit better blabla


  9. Yeah, Shini is on the right mind. It's addictive but you know, sometimes you feel so 'stupid' rating people and their clothes with chic-points.

    Anyway, I still have one. Visit my blog:
    Kiss from sunny Spain

  10. I love Chictopia. I guess I've never seen it as a popularity contest, it was always just fun to look at other people and comment on them. Plus, everyone is so positive. I'm on Lookbook too, and people are very rude and mean on there sometimes. I've never come across a rude or mean person on Chictopia.
    I guess the whole popularity contest thing just depends on your point of view. Some people will always get more comments or "chic votes" than other people, it's the way social media works.