Monday, March 16, 2009

New logo & old memories...

I'm working on re-designing Lula Balou's logo. It's a cute lil boutique here in Wilmington. I cased the place the other day and came up with this visual documentation of the store. It was a fun exercise: I found repeating squares mixed with organic lines...modern beachy! Which is perfect, because that's the owner, Lucy Cherry's style. 

Here's the original logo...


I want to ditch the wedding style script...but keep with the fun-bubbly-underwater feel...and then add some contrast with a sans-serif. I need another element...something simpler than that crazy mermaid. Its Jezebel and Avenir...I've used this combo before in Line Up. But that last mag didn't even go to I think its safe to use again.

After perusing the clothes at her store, ...wait, I have to say that I haven't been in a normal clothing store since early october. That's when I reaallly got on this vintage kick and was sucked into it like a vortex. Seriously, our home is packed with towers of clear bins that store all my vintage finds. SO, now I'm in this beautiful shop, everything brand new...and it ALL LOOKS VINTAGE! Like this Aztec print bandage dress by Tricia Fix

It reminded me of a dress I have in the shop.

Lula Balou also carries these simple screen-printed tanks...

By Lauren Moshi

Which reminded me of my senior year print-making studio! Awwww man, miss you Leigh!

Our professor Charles was the best!


  1. what a super fun opportunity! I can't wait to see the final, and next time I'm in Wilmington... you bet I'll stop by that little shop! :)

  2. Awwww man, I love you! I've been wearing winged eyeliner like you in that picture. Funny to think that you haven't been in a regular store since October and I spend all day everyday in one. But then again... When was the last time I designed a graphic?!?!