Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farewell floral tent dress!

Being a beautiful, breezy sunday...I decided to put on something nice and pedal down to the coffee shop with Scott. I rarely dress up. Not much of a fashion scene in this lil east coast beach town. Pretty much bikinis, flip-flops, and those awful terry cloth smocked dresses. Most days, I put minimal effort into my outfit. My mom buys me pajama pants for every occasion...I don't ask for them. I might un-earth a cute top and wear that with my pajama bottoms for a week straight. Gross, I know. If it gets chilly, I have a cropped mechanic's shirt (BOB) that is like my second skin.

BUT TODAY...I have cleaned up and put on this lovely late sixties floral pleated tent dress. The material is to die for and the colors, in person, are nearly neon. I had it for sale in my shop...and was thinking, 'Man...I love this dress...I need to raise the price.' No sooner had I thought that and sat down to change it, it SOLD! Funny how that works.

Farewell floral tent dress, tomorrow I'm sending you off to New York. This really doesn't seem like something a new yorker would wear. I've been to NYC...but only for about 5 hours. I traveled there with Scott on tour, we came in through the Lincoln tunnel at rush hour. IT WAS A MESS. As we neared the club, SEAS OF PEOPLE IN BLACK COATS rushed the streets. I had never seen such. It's just not for me...I'm happy for New York...I'm glad it's there...but I'm staying here.