Monday, April 20, 2009


I need a new pair of black heels...BAD. There have been a string of shoe porn blog posts recently and I'm crrraving a new pair. I feel like I have plenty of shoes...but the only black heels I have that are photoshoot worthy are these played out gladiator heels. And you can tell by the photo that I'm not so pumped on them. SO, here are some options I've rounded up.

Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Lace Heel $128

Patent sock maryjane heel $23.70

RACEYY $149 with 25% off = $112

Kelsi Dagger 'Justina' Boot $129

Jeffrey Campbell $134

$100 + is a bit outrageous for me to be spending on shoes right now...but I look at it as an investment. WHICH ONES??!!


  1. I like the Raceyy peep toe lace up boots... :)

  2. #'s 1,3,or 4... So #1 Because they're cheapest and look the most expensive.

  3. I want them too!! You can always buy me a pair while your at it....

  4. BUT if you spend a little more on a pair, they will last you longer AND be more comfortable (for the most part) -- I would go for the last j.campbell ones because they remind me of ann demeulemeester or the first dolce vita ones. (i've been eyeing those too! )

  5. oh yeah... check out Modern Vintage ( I work at an upscale shoe salon and these are some sexy creative footwear! Especially the Marcia Ankle Boot. Oh lalala! Most are on SALE now too from last season!

  6. love the first ones, I went friday to the dolce vita store in the lower east side for similar ones.. but.. I tried them on and the heel was wayyyyyyyy higher than I expected!! they are really high.. I couldnt walk normally :( :( they had the same heel but suede and laces up front.. but yeah I love them so much! really love the heel shape!! xoxo

  7. the jeffrey campbell doo last one im getting them in grey!